Prerequisite levels

April 7, 2009

I’ve decided to set up a prerequisite ranking scheme for the content of this blog, so as to possibly reach a broader audience and keep the scary stuff tucked away where it can be read later or not at all. My current plan is to group them into 4 levels, with some inevitable overlap. Those of you who self-diagnose as belonging at level 2-4 shouldn’t necessarily expect an easy read, except for at levels strictly below your level.

Level 1 Content – A post with this label is intended to be for a general audience.  It might look something like this. I don’t plan on writing a lot of these, but we will see.

Level 2 Content – A post with this label is intended for a somewhat technical audience. Since what I study is analysis, I will probably have a hard time finding anything to talk about that doesn’t at least require the reader to know what an integral and a derivative are. One or two semesters of Calculus in college should be enough, if you feel like you really got it. I might double-state things in formal and informal language for the benefit of those not belonging to higher levels, even if it makes things a little wordy.

Level 3 Content – A post with this label is at the level of a general graduate school math course. The reader should have knowledge of some typical courses a graduate student has to take to pass qualifying exams. Most likely real and complex analysis, but if other stuff plays a big role, I’ll be sure to give fair warning.

Level 4 Content – I am not yet qualified to write posts at this level, though I’m trying to remedy this in the moderately near future.


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