Mathematicians as video game villains, Part 1: Hausdorff

October 6, 2009



Story: Felix Hausdorff has always lusted for power. No source of knowledge has ever been too arcane for his dark curiosities, and no warning could ever dissuade him from his search as an incorrigible youth. Perhaps the most fateful day of all was the day in which he stumbled upon the dark tome of Sierpinski, in which he read of a powerful relic, Sierpinski’s Triforce:

sierpinski triforce

This relic has a special power: if covered by a set of open discs D_i with radius r_i, and the r_i^(log3/log2) sum to less than 100, then it grants n wishes, where n = log(1/r_j) and r_j is the largest of the r_i used in the covering. It is not known what dark purposes Hausdorff has in mind, but only a few pieces remain outside of his grasp, locked in the royal vaults of Leipzig. Until now, it had been unknown what strange purpose these otherwise useless fragments served, but now Hausdorff has begun his assault on the kingdom of Chain Rule in search of the others. He must be defeated before it is too late.

Powers: Can cover sets very efficiently. Unlike the wizard Lebesgue, who you fight earlier in the game, Hausdorff can detect you, even when you have shape-shifted into your Cantor Dust form. You won’t be able to sneak up on him, so don’t even try!

Signature move: T2. Hausdorff chooses two targets and conjures two magical bubbles around them. Nothing inside of one of the bubbles can have any effect on the inside of the other bubble. The targets must be disjoint and compact at the time of casting, or else the spell fails. There are exotic realms in which Hausdorff’s T2 special is ineffective, but you’d have to be a seriously l33t gamer to try that strategy.

Weaknesses: Nazis. However, you should stick to cleaner tactics if you want to get one of the good endings. One approach is to fight him in a pathological realm where his covering powers don’t work, but a more common tactic for novices is to get him to argue about Nietzsche, causing him to transform into his lesser form, Paul MongrĂ©, for 30 seconds or so.

Rumor: It has been rumored that this is Hausdorff’s true form:

hausdorff-true form

But that’s just antisemitic propaganda.

Pro tip: When you fight him, make sure Banach and Tarski are in your party. Don’t finish him off until he casts the spell 2-sphere decomp. This will unlock their paradox signature move, to be learned at higher levels.


5 Responses to “Mathematicians as video game villains, Part 1: Hausdorff”

  1. janus said

    awesome. that’s all i have to say ..

    .. well, not quite: will you do Hilbert? (-:

  2. Matthew Bond said

    Thank you.

    I don’t have any ideas for Hilbert yet. Maybe if I come up with something I will. Or let me know if you come up with something, and I’ll either link you if you write something out, or I’ll credit you for the idea.

  3. Jackson said

    Thanks for sharing the info. I found the info really helpful.

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