Mistakes in the arXiv? Say it isn’t so!

November 5, 2009

So there are some small errors in v.1 of the recent paper. I will probably find even more later. They are typographical rather than substantial, and maybe one or two places could use a few more words. Perhaps these typographical problems are of no consequence to an author trying to read it, but it may be a real hurdle for an uninitiated reader trying to make sense of it line by line. Hopefully we’ll fix a few things soon and either release it v2 or put it all in another version we’ll try to get published. If something in v1 looks like a misprint but you’re not sure, let me know.


One Response to “Mistakes in the arXiv? Say it isn’t so!”

  1. Boris said

    I sympathize. I got zillions of typos in arxiv and printed versions of my papers, despite my best efforts.

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