Apparently, I did Stairway To Heaven at karaoke night in front of my colleagues. Alex Iosevich has a far too generous account of this and of my presentation skills. There even exists video footage of the night before, when Alex couldn’t make it. Maybe you will see it someday. We did karaoke a second night specifically for Alex, though his wife Shannon was quite suspiciously better at singing than the rest of us put together. I, on the other hand, mostly tried to sound more or less like the final boss of Karaoke Apocalypse.

These are the slides for my talk. They aren’t quite self-explanatory, and I made use of the chalkboard as well. I might someday redo these slides, but this is what I used at my Perdue talk and also earlier today in Toronto.

I’ve been talking to Izabella Laba, and I plan to visit in Vancouver in July after I’m done teaching Calc 3 for the Summer. We’re trying to figure out if we can get the power estimate I tried to get with Volberg, as in the slide show, and whether it amounts to just filling the gap in the proof, or whether it must be true for a totally different reason (or perhaps not true at all – I think the case is the first of the three cases, but if I really knew, it would already be a paper). Michael Lacey had a few helpful thoughts, too.

I hope to find time to see Alex in Rochester next Fall, too. With all these research proposals to write and visits and workshops and research projects, it might be hard to juggle with finding teaching substitutes. In between all of that, I’ll eventually have to put everything I know into a thesis, but that’s another story. At this rate, I think I’ll be applying for jobs in the Fall and writing the thesis in the Spring.