What is your work?

November 22, 2010

The Killam grant at the University of British Columbia is a general postdoctoral grant offered to students of all areas of study. As such, it is evaluated by non-mathematicians. So the application materials are meant to be read by a more general audience. So here is one of the grant proposal files, describing what I hope to be working on next year.


I revised More On Vertical Tangents, and included a nice graph of the example function made by Bob Willenbring. Thanks, Bob.

Also, a couple of these research proposal statements for my grant applications might make good enough expository essays or “what are you working on” question answers. In particular, the Killam grants are very general and competed for by mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike, and are evaluated as such. So this application in particular is supposed to be readable. I may post this file in modified form later, if it’s safe to do so.