I signed the letters and everything. Starting date, for now, is July 1.

Now for the thought of the day:

I’ve been thinking, lately, that the key to writing impenetrable pseudomathematical sentences may lie in adding some vocabulary from music threory:

Locally anisotropic modulations on augmented Mixolydian modules: a multifunctorial approach to cobordism invariants of C# algebras

Recently, a lot of interest has grown in the method of chromatic bifurcations in the study of coholomorphic functor algebras on Phrygian manifold functor spaces. In this paper, we study a discrete analog of the dualization of the classical problem, where a suitable analog of a globally half-diminished Tchaikovsky measure does not seem to be available; in particular, we prove that there are no non-trivial spaces of vector-valued Debussy measures that are invariant under third inversions. While this complicates the analysis, some partial analogs of the classical results are still available, albeit in a suspended Baroque space. The upshot of our multifunctorial approach is that converses are easy to come by, thus demonstrating – surprisingly – the transposition-invariance of time signatures, as conjectured by Wagner for dualized Phrygian spaces and disproved by Copland. Taken together with the II-V-I Lemma, this shows that the product of two coprime Mandelbrot polynomials does not have any perfect fourths as factors.

I think I’m on to something.


NSF grant

January 17, 2011

I just got the email that I won the NSF postdoctoral fellowship to work with Izabella Laba at UBC next academic year, where we’ll be working on Buffon’s needle, ergodic theory, differentiation theorems, and left wing politics, presumably. This should be good.