NSF Postdoc at UBC – update; also: thought of the day

January 28, 2011

I signed the letters and everything. Starting date, for now, is July 1.

Now for the thought of the day:

I’ve been thinking, lately, that the key to writing impenetrable pseudomathematical sentences may lie in adding some vocabulary from music threory:

Locally anisotropic modulations on augmented Mixolydian modules: a multifunctorial approach to cobordism invariants of C# algebras

Recently, a lot of interest has grown in the method of chromatic bifurcations in the study of coholomorphic functor algebras on Phrygian manifold functor spaces. In this paper, we study a discrete analog of the dualization of the classical problem, where a suitable analog of a globally half-diminished Tchaikovsky measure does not seem to be available; in particular, we prove that there are no non-trivial spaces of vector-valued Debussy measures that are invariant under third inversions. While this complicates the analysis, some partial analogs of the classical results are still available, albeit in a suspended Baroque space. The upshot of our multifunctorial approach is that converses are easy to come by, thus demonstrating – surprisingly – the transposition-invariance of time signatures, as conjectured by Wagner for dualized Phrygian spaces and disproved by Copland. Taken together with the II-V-I Lemma, this shows that the product of two coprime Mandelbrot polynomials does not have any perfect fourths as factors.

I think I’m on to something.


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