Thesis – First public draft

February 7, 2011

So my thesis is coming along. I hope it gets easier, but at the moment, it’s slow going.

Here’s the first partial draft for you to peruse.

Chapter 1 is brand new, but it’s entirely expository. All of my published research so far is about the same problem, so I went ahead and unified the notation and spent a great deal of time laying out background. Chapter 1 of my thesis is the most thorough and expository paper I have written so far about the broad strokes and main ideas of my research. Mathematicians (pretty much anyone who knows Holder’s inequality, say) wanting to know what’s going on with my research in medium-broad strokes without slogging through an actual research paper will hopefully find this part to be a light read.

Chapters 2-4 will be in ascending order of difficulty. Chapter 2 is a bit long, but it’s mostly due to choices in favor of more exposition. I might slowly wean the reader off of this as I go along. Chapter 3 will repeat 2 to a large extent, and chapter 4 will have so much technical bulk to it that I’ll have to choose points of exposition sparingly.

Please let me know if anything looks wrong or badly formatted. As far as formatting goes, there are some TeX tricks I haven’t looked up yet but need to to fix some things, so if you see anything that needs to be made prettier, assume that I don’t know the code.


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