Non-standard Analysis

April 4, 2011

These slides are based on A.E. Hurd, P.A. Loeb – An Introduction to Nonstandard Analysis.

Check them out. They’re supposed to be moderately self-contained, but standard analysis basic fluency is somewhat assumed.

EDIT: New draft. Some more examples, figures.

EDIT2: Presented this at the student analysis seminar. Found some typos, naturally. Fixed for posterity and for great justice.


2 Responses to “Non-standard Analysis”

  1. […] Non-standard Analysis (NSA) – If you’re good with epsilon-delta arguments and constructing the reals as Cauchy sequences of rationals, then hopefully this slide show is self-explanatory without need for a lecture. Also contains some spoofs. Contains a simple proof of Tychonoff’s product theorem using Robinson’s equivalent definition of compactness (proof of equivalence omitted). This should demonstrate that NSA might have some potential for making some proofs easier in the case where a proposition depends in a very deep way on the Axiom of Choice. Posted by Matthew Bond Filed in Uncategorized Leave a Comment » LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  2. […] Slide show, intended to also be self-explanatory survey (for people who’ve been through “Baby […]

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