Greetings. This blog belongs to Matthew Bond (<– click for curriculum vitae), currently a 6th year (as of Fall 2010, if I should forget to update this page later) graduate student at Michigan State University. I’m studying analysis, particularly geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis. My current research is on Buffon needle probability. To get a general feel for what it is that I do, you should go here (if you’ve taken undergraduate-level calculus and remember its content). This article is the least intimidating answer to “what do you study?” that I can give to anyone who isn’t asking the question rhetorically.

Contact me at if you have questions/comments etc, or you can just comment on the relevant blog entry.

Entries are tagged by prerequisite level, so don’t be scared.

Here are some expository articles, intended more or less for the math-interested college undergraduate or beginning grad student.


One Response to “About”

  1. Robert Bond said

    I wish I understood the Math you’re studying. I’m lucky to remember any Calculus. As an engineer I have, for a long time, decided to rely on numerical methods, approximations and finite element analysis(but only what my PC can handle).

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